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Marine polyester fiber manufacturing company Aderan using equipment and devices industry on manufacturing polyester fiber quality gasket in industries such as bedding, hollow fiber, solid fiber, furniture and clothing are widely used for exploitation and production customers offer.

Because of the high quality polyester fiber and fabric, these materials are versatile. Due to the hardness and durability of polyester, as is often the clothing and costumes used in various industries.

In this section you can make all your questions regarding the production and distribution centers and sales, send us feedback, pad polyester fiber manufacturing company in the field of backup Aderan always be customers.


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Please contact us with your questions

Please contact us with your questions

Relationship with customers has always been the most important basis of our work, Following the social network polyester fiber pad Aderan always the latest news and announcements, as well as the latest products and product features aware and the exchange of ideas and feedback to the activities of polyester Aderan, your relationship stay with us.